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Environmental Monitoring

Incorporated in May of 1993, Alam Sekitar Malaysia Sdn Bhd (ASMA) is a subsidiary of the Progressive Impact Corporation Group of Companies that specializing in environmental monitoring and consultancy. The scope of monitoring includes ambient air quality, stack emission, groundwater, waste water and water quality.

While ASMA began as a company that focuses on environmental monitoring that includes not only air and water but also noise and odour, it has evolved into one stop centre that offers wide range of services and products in serving the environmental needs of both the public and private sectors. Indeed, ASMA is rapidly advancing towards realising its vision to be Environmental Solution Provider.

In 1995, ASMA (a subsidiary of PICORP Group of Companies) was awarded a concession by the Malaysian Government via the Department of Environment (DOE) to set up a systematic and comprehensive quality monitoring network for ambient air quality and river water quality for the nation and to establish the National Environmental Data Centre (EDC).

To date, under the Concession, ASMA is credited with the installation and management of 52 continuous ambient air quality monitoring stations (CAQM) and 10 continuous river water quality monitoring stations (CWQM), including managing more than 900 manual water quality monitoring stations covering most of the river basins in the country and 14 manual air quality stations nationwide.

ASMA's scope of services can be divided into the following sub-categories:-

  • Air Quality Management
  • Continuous Particulate Monitoring: PM10 & PM2.5
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)
  • Predictive Emission Monitoring System (PEMS)
  • Stack Monitoring
  • Water Resource Management
  • Ocean Data Monitoring (Wave Glider)

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ASMA services

ASMA services

ASMA services

Environmental Data Management & GIS

ASMA has been providing geographic information system (GIS) application solutions to clients in the private and governmental sectors since 1998. With this wealth of professional experience, ASMA is able to deliver technical expertise to meet your geospatial needs, as well as to see you through the successful project implementation of varying scales; from desktop, through departmental through project based, all the way to enterprise-wide GIS implementation.

  • Advance Statistical Analysis and Modelling
  • Data Mining
  • Dispersion Model
  • Trend Analysis & Forecasting
  • GIS- Based Modelling of Environmental Phenomena

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ASMA-GIS services

ASMA-GIS services

Analytical Testing Services

The analytical testing services are mainly carried out by ALS. ALS provides reliable analytical testing data that help consulting and engineering firms, industry, and governments around the world make informed decisions about their environmental projects. Our comprehensive range of environmental testing and technical support services is complemented by a solid commitment to quality and customer service.

ALS Technichem (M) Sdn Bhd is the regional headquarters for Malaysia and Indonesia laboratory testing services group. The Shah Alam facility is a full-service laboratory offering a broad range of organic, inorganic, microbiology, food, occupational hygiene and equipment maintenance (Tribology) testing services.

Specialist Services include Ecotoxicology, Isokinetic stack sampling, Mercury speciation, Ultra trace metals analysis of seawater & freshwater and Air sampling and analysis.

The laboratories of ALS are SAMM-accredited by the Department of Standards, Malaysia and certified to ISO/IEC 17025 protocols. ALS has established and maintains a comprehensive management plan that takes into consideration the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025: 1999 “General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories” The ALS’s laboratories conduct analytical testing based on the universally-recognized procedures of MS, USEPA, APHA, FDA and BS, amongst others.

ALS Malaysia provides a wide range of analytical and technical support services including:-

  • Soil, Sediment, and Solid Waste Testing
  • Water Testing
  • Air Quality Sampling and Testing
  • Water Quality Sampling and Testing
  • Stack Emission Sampling and Analysis
  • Food Testing (Halal)
  • Tribology
  • Minerals

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ALS Services

ALS Services

Wastewater Treatment And Solution

Clean and safe water is no less a national priority than are national defense and adequate system of interstate highways. However, wastewater solutions today are required to be efficient, hassle free and cost effective. Even existing plants face aging and poor physical conditions and reached the end of their useful design lives. The propositions that we offer are to provide excellent effluent discharge, tackling problematic plants through upgrading works and it all comes with a cost effective green solution package.

In 2010, Alam Sekitar Eco-Technology (ASET), a wholly owned subsidiary of Progressive Impact Corporation Berhad (PICORP) was established with a mission to be a key player in the wastewater treatment industry. Over the years, ASET has amassed a wealth of experience as a specialist in the wastewater industry by having a successfully completed and commissioned sewage treatment plant and wastewater schemes.

ASET business activities involves in Design, technology provider and construction of wastewater treatment plants for Domestic wastewater treatment plant, Industrial wastewater treatment plant, Pre-Treatment plant (O & G) and river/ effluent treatment plant.

As such, ASET is capable of providing the total environmental solution for wastewater industry from design phase to the operation and maintenance phase. This extensive track record enabled ASET to build a reputation not only as a reliable technology provider but also a competitive contractor in the water and wastewater industry.

To learn more please visit : www.asetsb.com.my

ASET Services